Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

5 Steps for Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss!

I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle to accomplish your weight loss goals. I say lifestyle, because this is not actually a “diet” in the traditional sense. It’s a lifestyle that encourages you to prepare simple meals using wholesome and fresh foods. And you can still enjoy red wine, bread, and dessert (in moderation) and succeed with Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss.

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The 7 P’s For Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

An old friend taught me about the 7 P’s, which are a US Marine Corps & British Army adage that stands for “Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance“. This expression can help in every facet of life, but I’m using it in the context of dieting. Use the following steps to PREPARE for Mediterranean diet weight loss.

Mediterranean Diet Plan BASICS

Stock your kitchen with:

  • An abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Lean meat and seafood
  • Healthy oils, especially extra-virgin olive oil (skip the butter or margarine)
  • Whole-grain bread, pasta, rice, etc.
  • Eggs and dairy, such as cheese and yogurt (in low to moderate amounts)
  • Water, healthy beverages, red wine in moderation (*The healthiest option is to avoid alcohol entirely – please don’t start drinking to reap to alleged benefits of red wine)

Give your lifestyle a Mediterranean makeover by:

  • Eating healthy portion sizes
  • Making Time for daily physical activity
  • Preparing meals and dining with friends
  • Taking the time to savor each bite with the goal of SATISFACTION, as opposed to “load(ing) up the hump” – Curly Sue


Visualize Your Success

Be mindful that your success with Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss is up to you. It’s so easy to fall into a self-defeating mindset. Retrain your thinking habits to reflect a more positive inner dialog. You’re worth it and deserve to live the life you want. No matter how much of a challenge, visualize the results you want and accept that you CAN have those results. No matter how long it takes, never give up on yourself.


Know How Many Calories to Consume Daily for Weight Loss

Find out how many calories you should consume each day. Calorie King’s calculator is easy, quick, and free. Just type in your weight, height, and activity level for your personalized calculation.

*Answer this question. My caloric goal for the day is __________ .

A popular goal for dieters is 1200 calories a day. Do not eat less than 1200 calories. And under no circumstance should you beat yourself up if you eat a little more…. think of it as a rough guideline or goal.

Calorie King (calculator)

This website is easy, free, no forms to fill out. Just type in your weight, height, and daily activity level, to get your personalized result instantly.


Consider Counting Calories (even just occasionally)

Other websites I’ve seen about Mediterranean Diet weight loss, claim that you can eat as much as you want. Unfortunately, that isn’t one bit logical and that mindset will set you up to fail.

To achieve your Mediterranean diet weight loss goal, it’s important to have a decent grasp on how many calories you are consuming each day. Even though the Mediterranean diet plan is based around fresh foods, some of it’s elements, like healthy olive oil, beans, and hard cheeses are higher in calories. They balance each meal allowing you to be more satisfied when you eat.

Some disagree on whether or not to count calories. And while I agree calorie counting should be taken with a grain of salt, I encourage calorie counting for the following reason: You will know which foods are low in calories and which are surprisingly high. For example, the Mediterranean Diet plan uses olive oil in numerous ways. But did you know that just one Tablespoon of olive oil equals nearly 120 calories? Calories add up fast when you consider that you’re going to eat 3 to 5 meals a day.

You don’t have to count calories every day to benefit from it. But use it as a learning tool, because knowledge really is power. In fact, if you tell yourself to do it every single day, you could be setting yourself up to fail. You’re not a robot, and sometimes adding each ingredient sounds like a real drag.

I encourage you to count calories:

  1. For the first month after you start your Mediterranean Diet Weight loss plan. (So that you can learn how to combine ingredient to maximize flavor and satisfaction within a specific caloric range.)
  2. When you know you’re going to eat something unhealthy. Maybe it’s not a full-on “cheat day”, but you know you’re planning to eat pizza for dinner. Counting calories in advance might encourage you to eat a more healthy breakfast and lunch. If you usually eat a veggie wrap for lunch, maybe you’ll eat a salad with vinegar and oil instead.
  3. When you know you’ve gone off track. So you haven’t counted calories for awhile and you’ve become more lax with your caloric intake. That’s okay! Just get back on track. This is a lifestyle. It’s not done once you loose your weight. It’s about continuing on a healthier path of life. You only get one chance to enjoy it. Start now.

Today we are so lucky to have amazing and free calorie counting tools that we can start using within minutes. Now that you know how many calories should consume each day, learn more about how to foods you eat will affect your Mediterranean diet weight loss. You may even discover that some foods are sabotaging your Mediterranean diet plan.

These calorie counters are free and so helpful. I’ve personally used all three at different points…but my personal favorite is My Fitness Pal. You can even add exercise

My Fitness Pal

Super Tracker

Calorie Count


Eat Real Food

Beef up your cooking repertoire with healthy, simple, and nourishing Mediterranean Diet Recipes from this website.

  • An abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Lean meat and seafood
  • Healthy oils, like extra-virgin olive oil, instead of butter or margarine
  • Whole-grain bread, pasta, rice, and other grains.
  • Eggs, yogurt, cheese and other dairy (in small to moderate amounts)
  • Water, healthy beverages, red wine in moderation



To increase your calorie deficit and fire up your metabolism, regular exercise will boost the results of your Mediterranean diet weight loss. Just 30 minutes of cardio a few times a week can be truly beneficial.

It’s easy to fall into the trap where you tell yourself that you don’t have time. But think about it. There are 24 hours in the day…say you work for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours — that leaves you with 8 entire ours at your disposal. Sometimes that’s hard to believe. But once you realize this fact, it seems like a poor excuse to say you don’t have time, when in reality it’s not hard to set aside at leave 30 minutes of that eight hour stretch to exercise.


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